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Employee portal using Java and JSP with database in MySQL

By Abhinav Goswami

This project uses Java Server Pages (JSP) to create an employee portal for admin to add, edit or delete their details into the database.

The project is a dynamic web application that allows the admin to add, delete or edit the employee details.

Tools used to create the project:

1) Eclipse IDE

2) JDK 8 or higher

3) Apache Tomcat Server 8.5.63 (server)

4) MySQL-connector-java-5.1.23-bin.jar

5) Bootstrap (for front-end)

6) My-SQL Workbench/Command-Line-Client 5.2 CE

Project Pre-requisites:

1) Must have java installed on the system

2) IDE to run the project

3) Tomcat Apache server setup (download JAR files from the internet)

4) my-SQL-connector jar file

5) Download bootstrap and add the link for the same inside the HTML.

6) Download MySQL Workbench or command-line-client 5.2 CE on the system.

Import the database (.sql) file using-->

mysql -u username -p database_name > file.sql //command- use full path instead of "file.sql".

These JAR files must be added to the project build path.

Although the project already contains server JAR files and MySQL connector JAR file- do check whether the server is running or not.

The project folder also contains the database file(.sql)--> (database_name: codespeedy, table_name: employee).

Project Details:

1) The project contains three JSP files namely index.jsp, delete.jsp and update.jsp in the WebContent folder.

2) These files contain the logic of the project inside scriptlet tags.

3) The front-end is made using bootstrap by referencing its link in the tag inside HTML.

4) Various database SQL queries are fired using JDBC concept (by creating connections, statements, executing queries) to select, update and delete data according to user input.

5) An employee id is passed (using JSP expression tag) to update.jsp and delete.jsp pages to delete/update the data of an employee according to the same. 

6) Slight use of Javascript is made in the project to show alert messages that the record is deleted, updated, and inserted according to the user input/action.

7) Run the project by right-clicking -> run-as -> run on server on index.jsp page. The project shall run successfully if the server is set up properly.

Project Images:




/*Developed by Abhinav Goswami: Java Programmer Intern at Codespeedy Technology Private Ltd. */

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