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Encoding and Decoding of Morse Code using C++

By Sheshagiri Kulkarni

This Program converts English to Morse code (Encode) and Morse code back to English (Decode) using C++

This Program takes a string as input and produces corresponding output based on the operation

basically, 2 user-defined functions are declared in order to encode and decode the input

Decoding process :

1.string is taken as input (Morse Code)

2.Input is passed along with a constant string array which has pre-defined values of morse code for the corresponding English alphabets

3.user-defined decode function compares string value and returns corresponding morse output to the called function in main()

Encoding Process :

1.Character is taken as input and passed to a user-defined function that has a single character parameter 

2.function finds a character in the predefined text and returns the index at which it has compared results

3.index is used to return corresponding output from constant string array of morse codes


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