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Extract text from PDF Using Java


Hey there! In this tutorial, we will be learning to extract Text contained within a PDF file using Java.

In this Java Project, We are going to extract Text from the PDF.

We are going to use library such as PDFBOX 2.0.23 . Add this library into your Java Project.

You can download this library file from :

Now follow the following step carefully,

1. Create a Java program of name Pdfboxtotext.

2. Now, we are going to make two class, one for main another for managing PDF.

3. Copy the code as given.

4. Now you have to change in this line " pdfManager.setFilePath("D:\\saurabh\\Notice.pdf");  "  in main. change the path of file to the path of your file.

5. Now you are ready to go.

Download Complete Code


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