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Face Recognition Attendance using Python

By Vyankatesh Khandke

A python GUI integrated attendance system using face recognition to take attendance. In this, I have made an attendance system which takes attendance.

In this Python project, I created an attendance system that uses facial recognition technology to detect attendance. I have also integrated it with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to make it easy for anyone to use. The GUI for this project is also built on Python using Tkinter.

1. tkinter for whole GUI
2. OpenCV for taking images and face recognition
3. CSV, Numpy, Pandas, datetime etc.


1. 444 Easy to use with interactive GUI support.
2. Password protection for new registrations.
3. Create / update a CSV file of student details regarding enrollment.
4. Create a new CSV file for attendance every day and mark attendance at the correct date and time.
5. Shows the live attendance update for the day in tabular form on the main screen along with ID, name, date and time.

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Submitted by Vyankatesh Khandke (vskhandke)

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