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Face Recognition using Python

By Majji Yeswanth Raj

A face recognition software whose objective is to encode and detect an individual's face using machine learning modules in Python.

The following program is intended to detect faces by encoding them using various machine learning algorithms that are available in Python. 

The program takes an image as an input from the user and encodes it for further matching. If the image is matched with the ones in the database then it returns the name of the person along with the photo. Else, it returns nothing owing to the reason that there is no match.


In order to run the code, the following modules ought to be installed - 

1. CMake - pip install CMake

2. dlib - pip install dlib

3. face_recognition - pip install face_recognition

4. numpy - pip install numpy

5. OpenCV - pip install opencv-python

NOTE - If pip does not work, then try replacing pip with pip3.


After the installation of modules, the code runs perfectly. However, if the user wants to add more images to the database then, he/she can add in the folder faces.

Download Complete Code


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