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Finding IP Address in Java Using Java Swing


This Project is done in Java using Java swing concept. It is used to find the IP address of any given URL and it is built using java swing ,which makes it platform independent.

This packet is about Finding the IP Address of any given URL.

This project is done in JAVA using Java Swing Concept.

Now coming into the Description and Functionality of the code :

The packages included in this packet are java.swing ; java.awt.event ; .We used JFrame, which works like a main window where components like label, textfield and button are addes to create a GUI(Graphical User Interface).

After adding the JComponents (such as JLabeL,JTextField,JButton), in the ActionPerformed method we write the code for Taking the Given url using InetAddress class which represents an IP Address and get Host Address using the getHostAddress() method.Then we display a Standard dialog box with IP Address using JOptionPane class.

How to Run :

To compile the code,open cmd and run the following command;


And to execute the code,run the following command;

java IPAddress.

You will observe a new window in which you can see a TextField ,label and a Button.Now type any URL of your wish in the Text field and the press on the Find IPAddress button.A new Dialog box is popped ,which displays the IP Address of the given URL.

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