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Five days Weather app with animated .Svg images using React js

By Abhishek Bajaj

It's a Weather app that shows detailed weather-related information and also uses animated .svg images.

It is a weather app that shows weather-related information like min/max temp, Real feel temp, humidity, wind speed, sunrise and sunset time, Pressure, and air quality index. It also has an option to see the weather for the next four days. It uses animated .svg images to give an extra kick and also it might be helpful to those who can't read or understand the information.

I have called an API using Axios(HTTP client) which is very easy to use. I have called an API to get the data from openweather( They have various API call types like for current weather info, for five days weather info, and many more. Generate your API keys and start using their API's You will understand everything when you will see the code.

The Packages I have used are:


that's it, the rest are imported .svg images and CSS file.


The zip has the files which you will get when you generate a new react app and my coded files are in the information folder.




Download Complete Code


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