Coders Packet

Flappy Bird Game using Java SWING and JFrame

By Katha Roy

This Java project is a classic arcade game of flappy bird where the bird needs to cross the wall/pillar obstacles by jumping.

Playing instruction

Mouse or spacebar can be used for the "flappy bird" to bounce and pass the obstacles .


Target of the game

The target is to successfully pass the obstacle of crushing walls. The game gets over when flappy bird fails to do so. Pressing the spacebar or clicking the mouse would restart it.


Requirements for the project

1)The code is in JDK 11.1 ([version 1.8]or higher will work).

2)Myeclipse / Eclipse / NetBeans.



The project can be run on any of the above IDE. Also, the executable file .jar is in the dist folder of the project.

Download Complete Code


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