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Flight Seat Booking Programme in C++


Flight seat booking is a very simple packet that features class along with the object of C++ language.

 There are four attributes available in this packet. Here is the outline of these attributes:


1. Install Flight Information- This attribute is about the installation of flight information.  It includes the flight no., Captain’s name, arrival time, departure time, and departure and landing place (from and to) of the flight.


2. Seat Booking- This attribute is straightforward; it includes the flight no., seat number, and the passenger’s name. The seat number of a particular flight is listed under the passenger's name.


3. Show the availability of seats- With this attribute, it gives the details of flights and their seats booked information. It contains all the details gained by the previous two functions of this packet. It also writes no. of empty seats on the plane and the seat number registered to a specific passenger.


4. Flights Available- Here this attribute is about flights available for booking, and the information regarding flight no. stored under the first attribute.


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