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FOODIEE built using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript

By Devendra Kandpal

FOODIEE built using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. FOODIEE, for fast food delivery at home.

FOODIEE built using HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVASCRIPT FOR FAST FOOD DELIVERY AT HOME. Through this, the user can order breakfast, lunch or dinner at home.

In this, there is two main entity involved they are first admin and the second one is users who will order food. Let's discuss each of them in details 

Admin: Admin is going to play a major role. He has to upload the food details like what type of food is going to be there for breakfast, dinner and for lunch. Not only this he has to keep a record of all the cooks working there and also have to update/change their data whenever necessary and also have to add cooks as per the requirements. He can also update this own data whenever required and change a password. If he wants to convey a piece of important information to all then he can go to the update section and upload information and the information will be displayed on the home page.

User: The user can order the food but the only condition here is that he have to update the user profile section that contains all data including the user address to deliver food. User can also update password and can give feedback.

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