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Gaming Zone with C++

By Sree Lekshmi P

This is Fun GameZone with C++. It has 5 games. 1. Casino, 2. Quiz, 3. Calculation Master, 4. Cricket, 5. Rock Paper And Scissors.

Code has 5 games. The first game is  casino in which 2 players will deposit an initial amount and they will guess a number and they will win when the random number and the one they put bet is the same. The second is a Quiz game with a timer. The third is calculation master and 4th is cricket which is a single-player run that will be from 1 to 6 if the compiler-generated is the same as the guessed, the player is out and the last is rock paper scissors.

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Submitted by Sree Lekshmi P (Sree99)

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