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General Purpose Script in Python

By Raagan U

A Python script that consists of useful functions that are time-consuming while working on other things. Works well on GNU\Linux, But has some issues while running on windows.

This Python Script contains a total of eight functions. Each function is simple, useful, yet time-consuming. All functions are fully functional in Linux. It has some issues while running on Windows. The functions are 1.http_server, 2.get_ip, 3.b64, 4.enc_dec, 5.scan_net, 6.ftp_server, 7.rot_alg, 8.port_scanner. This script is best executed in GNU\Linux Systems to avoid errors.


The script runs mostly on standard libraries of Python except for only one external dependency: pytftpdlib for creating ftp_server.

Functions and Short Description:

1.http_server - creates a simple HTTP server in the specified port and directory.

2.get_ip - gets the local ipv4 and ipv6 address and ipv6 address ( doesn't work in GNU\Linux, since we configure hosts file in etc directory ).

3.b64 - encode and decode data in base64 format.

4.enc_dec - gives a list of guaranteed encryption algorithms and encrypts data in the selected format.

5.scan_net - scans the current network and returns a list of dictionaries of IP and mac addresses of all the devices in the same network.

6.ftp_server - creates a ftp server (pyftpdlib) in the specified port and directory.

7.rot_alg - rot algorithm

8.port_scanner - multi-processing involved port_scanner that scans for the open ports in a given IP.

Note For Windows Users:

Most of the script's functions get executed except the multi_threaded port_scanner since Windows OS doesn't have fork() as in Linux. So it is not possible currently, to run multiprocessing in Windows apart from main(). To enable ftp_server functionality in normal Windows OSes, the users should enable FTP Server under IIS in Windows Programs and Features to use the ftp_server on the go. To utilize the scan_net Windows users must have winpcap installed.

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