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Generate random array in C++

By Shubham Chandrakant Shinde

In this C++ project, we will see the random array generation means random values are generated and inserted into the array.

First, you can download the source code and unzip it to use. U can run this source code on any platform like Visual Studio Code, Dev c++, etc.



The rand() function will generate random number.

For integer data:
I_elements = rand() % 100; //It generate random number between 0 to 99
For floating data:
F_elements = (rand() / 7.5);

We can't generate floating numbers directly, so we have to divide the rand() function with any floating-point number to generate a random float number.


Labels are used as targets for the goto statement.

Random: //the label is used instead of loops and switch 

goto Random; //goto keyword is used to jump to a specific label
I_count and F_count variables are used as a counter location for array elements


Working of the program-


Need to specify the size of the array as shown below.


select choice for the integer data type.


select choice for the float data type.








Download Complete Code


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