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Geocoder in Python

By Shruti Solani

This is a geocoder in the Python programming language. It takes the names of cities and plots them on the map of India.

A geocoder takes some information about any location and transforms it into latitude and longitude coordinates. This project is similar to a geocoder. However, latitude and longitude coordinates corresponding to cities are stored in a database provided in the packet. The database is taken from "". 

The programming language used is Python.

Libraries used are matplotlib, basemap, and pandas.

matplotlib is a plotting library used in his project to plot the map. basemap is an extension of matplotlib used specifically to create maps. pandas is used to handle the dataset i.e. find the cities entered by users in the dataset and get their geographical coordinates. 

These libraries need to be installed before running the program. To install these libraries follow these instructions :

1) matplotlib installation command : 'pip install matplotlib'

2) pandas installation command : 'pip install pandas'

3) basemap installation: basemap installation has certain prerequisites. Prerequisites are matplotlib, python, NumPy, and proj4. Complete installation details can be found on the official website - ''.

This project can be used to plot cities of India. The scope can be further extended to cities of other countries as well. Plotting locations on maps helps in designing routes, finding the shortest route, etc.

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