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Gmail in Python using selenium

By Silambarasan.R

It is very useful to work with Gmail without using chrome which may eat too much RAM. It is the less time-consuming module.

Gmail Application In Python

It is used to access your gmail account through this python file.  I have used selenium to visibly login to your account and see your received message without using chrome[simply chrome driver] or any of the browser.  

It also send the mail simply by entering the details such as Sender Mail Id, Receiver Mail Id, Message to be Send, Subject to be added.

It simply prompts to enter the details and send the mail to receivers account. 

By using Tkinter I was provided with buttons to avail this facility.  By using this your time may be saved by simply run this file instead of opening browser, surf for gmail, login to your account, and then send mail which is a time-consuming process.


Download Complete Code


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