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Greedy and Needy Threads Using Python's threading and PyQt5 libraries

By Niranjan Tamhane

Greedy and needy threads is a mini Python project about multithreading and resource sharing.

Programming Language - Python

libraries Used: time, PyQt5, threading

Greedy and Needy threads is a concept inspired by the concept of 7 philosophers where resources are consumed and also explains resource conflicts. Greedy threads act as a Greedy person it consumes resources available at their coordinates in every condition whereas needy threads only consume resources when there is only need or energy is going to exhaust then only it eats or runs to find the resources. This concept is just for study purposes if the project is to be developed from scratch where you have to create processes or threads for making things work in a very advanced manner. Multi-threading/processing allows us to use processors' full power and increase memory consumption where we see that a single process/thread has some limited space for processing.


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