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Grocery Shopping System using SQL and PHP

By Akilasri B

The grocery shopping system is a PHP and SQL-based online application. It allows you to manage your grocery store, customer information, and assist in the online sale of your groceries.


The Grocery Shopping System keeps track of all information about a product, including its manufacturer, type, customer, and stock. This system can also maintain track of the personal information of customers.


This project's main purpose is to maintain track of all the information about the different stores, their selling products, customer information, and order information. This system also aids in the management of grocery inventory, restocking, sales, refunds, purchases, and other tasks. It increases the number of employment available and the number of opportunities to participate in earning activities.

Language Used:

  • Database - MySQL
  • Backend – PHP
  • Frontend – HTML and CSS


User Mode

  • Signup Page and Login Page
  • Choosing Grocery Store
  • Picking Grocery from different Store
  • Order tracking
  • Pay on delivery

User page

Admin Panel             

(i) Dashboard

(ii) User Management

  • Add User
  • Update / Delete User

(iii) Store Management

  • Add Store
  • Update / Delete Store

(iv) Item Management

  • Add Item to specific Store
  • Update/ Delete Item

(v) Order Management

  • Order Management
  • Get all Order Details
  • Take Action on Order
  • Dispatch – For new order
  • On the way – If the order ready for packing
  • Cancelled – If the ordered item is unavailable

Admin Panel

Installing Instructions:


You'll need to setup a server if you want to run this project locally (like XAMPP, WAMPP, or something similar). To show this, I utilised the XAMPP server. Download the project zip file and extract it to your htdocs folder on your computer.

 Database Connection:

After you've launched your server, go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin, create a database called "GroceryShopping," then click the Import tab, choose "GroceryShopping.sql" from the SQL folder, and hit theGo button. It'll make a database with several tables. In the ‘donorSystem' folder of your project, change the server username and password in the ‘config.php' file. After that, save your file.

 Launching Application:

Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to http://localhost/grocery_shopping for user mode after the database has been successfully generated. Go to http://localhost/grocery_shopping/admin/ to get to the admin panel.


The advent of online purchasing, on the other hand, has resulted in a more knowledgeable customer who can browse around with relative ease and without wasting a lot of time. In exchange, internet shopping has allowed many small shops to enter the market who would not have been able to do so if they had to pay the high costs of establishing a physical store.

Download Complete Code


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