Coders Packet

Guessing Game in C++

By Prajjwal Chittori

The following packet includes a guessing number game in which you can play a pseudoslot machine game of guessing the number with rewards including 10 times the your current balance.

This project can be run using the C++ file or the .exe executable provided.

This project uses various object-oriented programming paradigms such as inheritance, class formation using encapsulation, etc. In this game, we can bet money and then put a guess on a number and win or lose according to a randomly chosen number by the slot machine. This game is inspired by micro transaction-based fantasy sports applications such as Dream11. This project also saves all the data of the user in a text file about their plays and their name and age. This project also has an age check implemented as it is an implementation of the slot machine.

This game features data saving, slot machine random number generators, and a money management system implemented in code.

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