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GUI Chatting Application using socket Programming and Java swing GUI

By Subhojeet Ghosh

This is GUI based chatting Application created using socket Programming and Java swing GUI

Chat Application is used basically for chatting purposes with remote clients or users on the Internet or local networks.

Here in this project, a Java client / server combination is used to chat with remote users. When a client wants to chat with a user on a remote host, he sends a request to the Server with an identification name like chat-id, the server responds to the request by identifying the client-id which is already registered in the server domain and when matched his request is granted and the client can begin to chat with the remote users present on the internet or local network.

This project is supported completely by the client/server model. A server is anything that has some resource that can be shared. A client is simply any other entity that wants to gain access to a particular server. The program's premiere feature is its whiteboard drawing utility.

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Submitted by Subhojeet Ghosh (subho2828)

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