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GUI Mailer Using Python Tkinter

By Silambarasan.R

It is used to send a short or large text mail to recepient without using Gmail or any other Browsers, It is small in Size

GUI Mailer Using Python Tkinter

In this i was used tkinter and smtplib packages to show GUI responsiblity and send mail respectively.  It is simple to Use, User-friendly, simple in size.

Before using this, You have to update your sender Mail Id and password in this code. It is very simple process for developer.

The mailer prompts you to enter mail ID of receiver, for who you want to send a mail.  Once you entered, You have to enter Message that You have to send to the receiver. Once you typed the information correctly, Click the send Button to send the mail. 

If the mail send properly to recipient, It shows a message box "Mail Sent Successfully".  So you was completed with sending mail.


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Submitted by Silambarasan.R (rasisilambu9)

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