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Tip Calculator using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

By Abhishek kumar Sharma

Tip calculator is simple tool which takes bill amount, customer rating, and number of persons as input. As per the three inputs it generates a tip for the serving person

Tip calculator is a great tool for the accountants of hotels. This little tool helps to maintain money records. We have used three programming languages in order to build this tip calculator i.e HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

HTML is used to create a structure or outline of tip calculator. CSS is used in making the calculator more attractive and presentable for better outlook. Logical implementation of the Tip calculator is done by JavaScript.

The tool will first ask for the bill in dollar. It would then ask for customer experience and ask for customer rating . It would then ask for number of people sharing the bill. It would also create a JavaScript tip calculator function that would grab the bill amount, tip percentage, total number of people sharing the bill and return the tip amount for each individual need to pay.

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