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HandWriting digit Recognition Python App

By Rishit verma

The handwritten digit recognition is the ability of computers to recognize human handwritten digits which is written in python language.

First, we are going to import all the modules that we are going to need for training our model. The Keras library already contains some datasets and MNIST is one of them. So we can easily import the dataset and start working with it. The mnist.load_data() method returns us the training data, its labels and also the testing data and its labels.

The image data cannot be fed directly into the model so we need to perform some operations and process the data to make it ready for our neural network. The dimension of the training data is (60000,28,28). The CNN model will require one more dimension so we reshape the matrix to shape (60000,28,28,1).

The function of Keras will start the training of the model. It takes the training data, validation data, epochs, and batch size.

We have 10,000 images in our dataset which will be used to evaluate how good our model works. The testing data was not involved in the training of the data therefore, it is new data for our model. The MNIST dataset is well balanced so we can get around 99% accuracy.

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