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Handwritten Digits Classification using a MLP in Python

By Vivek Pandey

This Project is used to identify handwritten Digits ( MNIST Data set ) using MLP in Python Programming Language.

MNIST is a dataset of 60,000 small square 28×28 pixel grayscale images of handwritten single digits between 0 and 9.
This Dataset is used to Identify Handwritten digits using Multi-Layer perceptron. This project is written in Python. In this project, Tensorflow is used in the backend. TensorFlow is Library used for solving Deep Learning Problems.
Apart From Tensorflow, I used some other Libraries like Numpy, etc.
In any Model most important thing is Performance. So to Check the performance of my Model I have used 'Accuracy' as a measuring tool.
SO my model gives an Accuracy of 0.9008 (which is 90.08%) which is quite good.

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