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Hangman Game in C++ and python

By Sudepta Mallick

A simple Hangman game(Guess the word game). This program can generate random words using a dictionary file and every time a new word will be given to the player.

Project: Hangman Game in C++


  • Can Generate Random Words from Dictionary File.
  • Can Play Hangman game.
  • txt is Dictionary File used in game file and random word generator file.

Hangman Algorithm:

  1. Generate Random word and store in word variable;
  2. Get total number of letters in word variable store in word_size e.g., if word is test then word_size will be 4.
  3. Store total number wrong letter guess is store in worng_guess.
  4. Store guess letter in guess variable.
  5. Check guess letter is already attempted. Attempted again show a proper response.
  6. Check guessed letter is in the letter in word. If yes show all correct word. E.g. if guessed letter is t and word is test result should be like this t _ _ t. if guessed letter is not found in word show proper response. Correct guess letters store in correct_guess_letter in a proper sequence.
  7. Check word and guess correct_guess_letter match or not. If not repeat step 7. If yes show proper response and end the game.

Software used: Dev C++ 5.11,Notepad,Python IDLE 3.9.1



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