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Hangman Game in Python

By Ankush Indulkar

This Hangman Game in Python is used to guess the names of characters of MARVEL superheroes and DC superheroes and supervillains.

About the project:

This is a fun and interesting guessing game for all the MARVEL fans and the DC fans.


Rules and Regulations:

In this game, the user has seven lives and is required to guess the letters one by one.

If a user makes an incorrect guess then one life is subtracted.

The game gets over when all the lives are over or either when the user guesses the word correctly.



This project requires the random library which is required to randomly select a word from a list of words. Also, the string library is used.



If there are two words then the word is written in continuous. So it can be a single word or a doubleword in continuous form.

Example: In the word 'Martial Manhunter', the word is written in continuous without space as 'MartialManhunter'.

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