Coders Packet

Hangman Game in Python

By Shivani Bhimrao Choudhary

This Hangman game in Python is used to guess the word of Cities in India. This project is completely based on Python and build on PyCharm.

Hangman is a game where it gives a City name to guess, and the player tries to guess it. The word to guess is represented by a row of dashes. The total number of guesses is 10. Each time when a player enters the wrong guess, one life gets substracted, and whenever a player makes a correct guess we update that word. The game ends either when the player guesses the entire word or the number of attempts/guesses turns have left goes down to zero(0).

1) Character should not be in Uppercase
2) Character should not be a numeric value
3) Do not enter more than one value at a time


Python on the system


Download the packet below and extract the file.

Download Complete Code


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