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Hangman Game using C++

By Bhavya Gupta

A movie guessing game designed using C and C++ where players can play at different difficulty levels.

Hangman is a movie guessing game designed using C++ and some functionality of C language. The main menu provides 4 options described below.

The new game option allows a player to play the game and guess the movie at different difficulty levels. To guess a movie, the player has to guess the correct consonants while the vowels are already shown. This option asks the player for a lucky number that in the backend allows the system to select a random movie from the database.

The rules and regulations option in the main menu allows the user to get familiar with the game environment.

The Administrator option allows the user to add like-minded movies to the database(file handling). This option is encrypted by a password which only the person with admin rights should have access to. (Password- password)

The Scores option allows the user to view the scores of different players who have played earlier. 

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