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Heart Failure Clinical Data Analysis using Python (Machine Learning)

By Debolina Poddar

This project is based on machine learning using Python language.We apply several machine learning classifiers to predict the patients survival.

This project is based on machine learning using Python language. We apply several machine learning classifiers to predict the patient's survival.

The heart Failure Clinical dataset contains the medical records of 299 patients who had heart failure. The dataset contains 11 clinical features, the follow-up period, and the label DEATH_EVENT that indicates whether or not the patient has died.

In this project we take a dataset then we do EDA and understand the data set then applying some preprocessing and apply a classification algorithm.
We can find some features strictly related to medical aspects like levels of enzymes, sodium, creatinine, and platelets in the blood and others that are more common like age, sex, or smoking. In this project, we take the first dataset and then we do EDA to understand the dataset and applying to preprocess and apply some classification algorithms like Decision Tree Classifier, KNeighborsClassifier, Random Forest classifier, SVM, Logistic Regression.

Main libraries are

Numpy: standard library for math operations.

Pandas: Used to manipulate data inside data frames and for basic computations.

Sklearn: used to apply different ML models.

Pyplot: To plot Visualizations

Seaborn: built on top of Pyplot


import all libraries

Import libraries


Import CSV file

import csv files






building model


Accuracy: 82.66666666666667

ii)Decision Tree Classifier

Accuracy: 78.66666666666666


Accuracy: 77.33333333333333

iv)Random Forest classifier

Accuracy: 86.66666666666667

v)Logistic Regression.

Accuracy: 86.66666666666667



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