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Hospital Management System GUI using Python(PyQt5) and SqLite3

By Arpit Dadhich

The project is a GUI application using Python(PyQt5) and Sqlite3 that helps the nurses to handle the patient's records and fetch them with a great ease

This is a GUI application based on PYQt5 and Sqlite3 database. The GUI can be used to allocate IDs to patients on a priority basis, and to assign doctors to patients in designated wards as the need arises. Doctors will also use the GUI to keep track of the patients assigned to them. Nurses who are in direct contact with the patients will use the GUI to keep track of available IDs, the patients in the different wards, and the types of medication required for each patient. Doctors are allotted to the patients based on the number of patients they are previously handling. If the number of patients allotted to a doctor is less than 5 then only the doctor will be allotted else he/she will not be allocated. Along with this, there are some unique attributes attached with each patient like ID which can uniquely identify them. Many more attributes can be used to filter out the data from the database of the hospital.


  • Very Handy.
  • Time-saving.
  • Helps in analyzing each Patient’s Details.
  • Easy Patient Data Evaluation.
  • Add or remove patient data manually.


  1. PyQt5
  2. Sqlite3


  1. Use tech as ID and 1234 as password for logging in.
  2. You can create your own ID and password by adding your mail Id and password in line no. 90, 93, 153, and 156 and receiver's mail ID in line no. 93 and 156 of . NOTE-: It will use SMTP so your mail account should be allowed to be accessible by this SMTP server.
  3. After creating a User ID and password you can login to the welcome page.
  4. You can access the patient’s details using any characteristics of the patient.


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