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Hotel Check-in Management System in C++

By Anjani Kumar

This project gives user access to a menu of different tasks to perform like registering new entry in hotel, modifying/deleting a current entry or showing total entries currently in the hotel.

Software Requirements:

Turbo C++

Code funtionality:

1. Shows the menu to do various tasks with customer data.

2. Takes the details of the new customer.

3. Gives the option to display the current list of customer along with their check-in details.

4. Allows to modify or delete a selected customer with help of their room number.

5. Review any of the above process multiple times to complete all detailings.

6. Exit.


1. After the software is installed and zip file is downloaded, locate path of installed Turbo C++ folder and bin folder in it.

2. Then copy the .cpp file from extracted folder and paste it in bin folder.

3. Open the Turbo C++ application, then locate the given .cpp file from open option in menu.

4. Run the code.


Download Complete Code


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