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Hotel Management System Using C++

By Ankur Upadhyay

In this project, we made a hotel management system using C++. It has many features to it such as adding/managing rooms, check-in, searching for available rooms, etc.

This is a simple C++ project of Hotel Management System. I learned following things while making of this project:

1. Macros 2. Class 3. Objects 4. Arrays 5. Functions 6. Loops 7. Structure

This system has following features in it:

  • Manage Rooms
  • Check-In
  • Get available rooms
  • Search customer
  • Check-out room
  • Get guest summary report

We implemented the project starting with making classes for Customer and Room (with its features) followed by initialisation of variables to store the data of customer and rooms. Then, we created objects for the classes to access the data and then, we added different features to our hotel management system

Output Screenshot


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