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How to create a login page with React JS

By Madhur Joshi

This is a simple login and registration page made with React JS, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript

Before you begin this project or any React project make sure to set up the environment first, check the node version in the command prompt by typing node --version, it must be the latest, check on the node's official website.

Then search how to create react app and you will get three commands on React's official site to write in a command prompt, then you are good to go.

This complete single login page is created with React JS, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, React is used to create a more organized front end along with HTML and CSS.

In React we have used props to reuse the component for custom components, for example, there will be many usernames and passwords so we can reuse the component of inputs like username and password.

Here a variable decides whether a user is new or not, if the user is new, the form will ask a user to register dynamically and vice versa, a developer can set the variable's boolean value and check it.

Most of the structuring is done in React using components, so HTML here is used to give the id root stating the location to display the webpage.

CSS is used to stylize the complete webpage, input bars, buttons, etc.

It would be really helpful for you if you have basic prior knowledge of React JS.

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