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How to take out duplicate values from an array in Java

By Akansha Janardhan Khandale

We have to take out repeated numbers from the array i.e. the required array should be sorted and if the array have same same value then delete that and just keep one value in Java.

In this tutorial, if the array have duplicate value then this code will remove that.
In the code, Duplicate_Value function is used which will remove the repeated value from an array and will provide a new sorted array.

And the length of new array will be less than the original array. This code can be used to remove redundancy of the array.

For Example:Take an input array as 1,1,2,2,5,6,9,9,10,15,15,19
then the new array after removing duplicates will be 1,2,5,6,9,10,15,19


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