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Image Classification by Python

By Aarya Brahmane

I have used Deep Learning concepts on CIFAR10 dataset. CIFAR10 dataset is a standard dataset for beginners in the domain of Deep Learning. Language used is Python.

The project is based on Python Language and it has used CIFAR 10 Dataset.

I have used Google Collaboratory to implment the Deep Learning Models.

MaxPooling Layer and Flattening Layer has also been added to improve the accuracy of the output.

The steps of evauluating this model is as follows:

1.)  Importing Libraries and Datasets

2.) Normalizing the Images

3.) Building a Convolutional Neural Network: The hyper Parameters are: 


   For Max Pooling Layer, the hyper parameters are:

   [ pool_size, strides, padding]

4.) Compiling the MOdel

5.) Evaluating the Model




Download Complete Code


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