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Image Editor Using OpenCV In C++

By Prabhanshu Chauhan

Image Editor is a simple console application made using OpenCV/C++ with Image processing methodology. This App can be used to do various editing on an image.

Software Requirements
> Visual Studio Code
> OpenCV-MinGW-Build-OpenCV-4.1.1-x64 Compiler
> Add all include paths to the task.json and binaries to the System path variable.
How It Works
> Build and Run the CPP file provided in the project.
> Application is very user-friendly and well instructed.
> After choosing an option, you will be provided three options - Keep the changes, Discard the changes, or see the image again.
> After editing, don't forget to save before exiting.
Original Image - (721x498)
> 1. Size Reduction: Every time you choose this option, the size will automatically reduce to its half (both height and width of the image).
Reduced Size - (180x124)
small size
One can easily mark the difference of pixels here.
> 2. Black and white: Conversion of a color image to greyscale.
> 3. Contrast: Changing the color intensity of the image.
> 4. Brightness: Changing the whiteness of the image.
> 5. Sharpening: Sharpen the image.
> 6. Fix Lightning: It is basically a gamma correction of the image.
> 7. Binary Image: Image with two colors (binary).
> 8. Save: Anytime you can choose to save the edited image and keep your editing continue.
> 9. Exit: No automatic saving option.
For Developers
> You can add many other functionalities to the app.
> Make a function, keep your edited image matrix in dest cv::mat variable, and at the end of the function, call the following function - 
void popup(Mat &src, Mat &dest){
    int x;
        imshow("Output", dest);
        cout<<"1. Keep the changes\n2. Discard the changes\n3. See the image again\n";
        src = dest;


Thank You

P.S. -  Processing of the images is quick as the code written in C++. 

Download Complete Code


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