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Image Processing Using OpenCV Python

By Sarbari Choudhury

Some image processing techniques are applied to an image using OpenCV Python. Other libraries of Python used are Matplotlib and Numpy.

The project is done using Python. The main library used is OpenCV which has several functions to help in image processing. Other libraries used are Matplotlib for displaying the image and Numpy for creating the kernels.

The selected image is processed to perform the following:

1. Applying Grayscale

2. Image Sharpening

3. Applying Sepia Effect

4. Edge Detection

5. Image Blur

6. Image Brightening and Darkening

7. Image Rotation

8. Image Cropping

Two different kernels have been used along with OpenCV functions for image sharpening and applying the sepia effect. The standard kernels have been used for each of these two effects. There is no use of kernel in the other operations. They have been performed using OpenCV functions only.

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