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Indian Flag in C++

By Anush Mehdi

Indian Flag in C++ using the OpenGL Utility Toolkit and GLUT library. (Computer Graphics Program)

Indian Flag-waving animation using OpenGL and GLUT libraries 

This program is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 environment. So, running it in the same environment can make setting up things easy.


Instructions to set up OpenGL and GLUT Libraries.

Setting up OpenGL and GLUT libraries is a lengthy task.  So, consider taking the help of online resources like google and youtube.


After setting up the above libraries.

Download this project's compressed file and extract it.

Open the extracted file named  "flag.cpp" in Microsoft Visual Studio

Run the code

Download Complete Code


  • can u share me same code using GLFW library :

    can u share me same code using GLFW library

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