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Jack The Personal Assistant Based On Python

By C Sai Adarsh Varma

A voice assistant uses speech recognition algorithms and language processing algorithms to listen to commands perform functions on the user's behalf.

Jack The Voice Assistant

Jack is a voice assistant developed in Python using the Python Interactive libraries. It was designed to make day-to-day tasks easier for users. Many functions from the Python interactive libraries were used to perform the specific tasks. Its main features are weather reports, current time, password generator, email services, whatsapp messages, shutdown, restart, covid updates, emergency calls, CPU usage, jokes, depression therapy, greetings, wikipedia, remember tasks, news updates, and text to speech functionality.
As of now, the code is flexible and can be updated according to the user, and it can be altered for every industry. The entire source code is written in Python, and a GUI can be developed in the future.
By running the code in Microsoft visual code studio, you can receive access to the assistant and use it for your everyday tasks. You simply need to import the libraries mentioned in the import section of the code and then execute the code.

The voice can also be chnaged according to the user preference.

The images of working code where in the input and outpurt are in voice format

Jack Informing About Weather

Jack Telling About time and cracking a joke

Jack reminding About things that were asked to remember



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