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Organ Donate System in Java

By Ajay Kumar Roy

"Organ Donating System "to raise awareness that individuals can save lives and improve the health of other by Donating the organ and blood.

Problem Statement:
Organ transplantation is a medical procedure in which an organ is removed from one
body and placed in the body of a recipient, to replace a damaged or missing organ. The
donor and recipient may be at the same location, or organs may be transported from a
donor site to another location.
Organ Donation and Procurement Organizations play a pivotal role in today’s medical
institutions. Such organizations are responsible for the evaluation and procurement of
organs for organ transplantation. These organizations represent the front-line of organ
procurement, having direct contact with the hospital and the family of a recently deceased
donor. The work of such organizations includes to identify the best candidates for the
available organs and to coordinate with the medical institutions to decide on each organ
recipient. They are also responsible for educating the public to increase the awareness of
and participation in the organ donation process. Also, it keeps track of all transplantation
operations carried till date.
The Organ Donation and Procurement Network Management System is a database
management system that uses database technology to construct, maintain and manipulate
various kinds of data about a person’s donation or procurement of a particular organ. It
maintains a comprehensive medical history and other critical information like blood group,
age, etc of every person in the database design. In short, it maintains a database
containing statistical information regarding network of organ donation and procurement of
different countries.
*Analysis by
Organ Wastage is a major issue that can only be solved by having a proper database of all
Patient and Donors in a well-formed way, that can be processed easily.
Records of donor and patients are created when a person donates or procures an organ
from a Medical Institution. Records may include the following information:-
1. Personal Information
2. Medical History
3. Medical insuarance, if any
4. Allergies to any medicine, if any
5. The need for an organ presently
6. Medical Insurance provided by any private or government insurers.
7. Address
This record serves a variety of purposes and is critical to the proper functioning of Organ
Donation and Procurement Network, especially in today’s complicated health care
environment. These records provide statistical information regarding the number of organs
needed and available at a particular point of time. It is essential for planning, evaluating
and coordinating organ donation and procurement.
In India, the Transplantation of organs is done according to the Transplantation of Human
Organs (THO) Act,1994. Many new rules had been added to the act, later on, to cater to
current needs. According to this Act, every transplantation operation should be approved
by the Government Organization. So the records of transplantation are there with the
organization. Also, these operations can only be done in Government-authorized
Our aim to create a solution that effectively deals with the problems of finding donors and
also providing Statistical data of the transplants that can help the government to form
better rules and regulations.
Basic Steps in Implementation :
• Every user has an account with can only be registered by a government certified
hospital, which will keep all the information as defined in Problem Statement.
• Only Hospitals are eligible to request for a donation or procurement transaction.
• Government organizations will keep a watch on the pairing of donors and Patients
and can approve a transplantation operation if all the rules are satisfied.
• Collecting Statistical Data through the history of Transplantation Transaction.

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