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Java Quiz using Java

By Faiza Aftab

This Project has 4 class file which are interconnected Quiz :- it is a home page Rules :-It display the rules of the quiz Mind:- it has Quiz Question Score :- it display score of the user

It is a JAVA-based quiz App. It is MCQ based Quiz Application that contains a set of curated questions and Answers and checks for the correctness of the answer given by the User and it navigates through the Questions and display the result at the end as a score card

Each question should be answered in 15 seconds for this feature I use threading and to display I use graphc function of Applet 

BY using Java Swing it set the layout of the page which display quiz, rules, home page and score

All the buttons are set by the AWt event actionListner and Make sure Use JDK 8 for making this project otherwise Applet will not support in any other JDK

IDE : For MAking the project I used Intellija idea

Concept: JAVA Swing, Applet & AWT

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Submitted by Faiza Aftab (faizaahmad9084)

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