Coders Packet

JavaScript Sortable List

By Abhishek Upmanyu

This packet contains a fun project where the user has to sort the list of rich people to get it correct.

The project is based on a fun activity that lets the user play and wonders. Here in this, the user has to align the rich people in a correct way. Once the correct order is done according to the user, he/she/them then has to click on the 'check order' button. Upon clicking, the elements which are correct will prompt green color and incorrect will be red. 

The project is divided into 3 parts, namely, 'index.html' which is the HTML part of the project. Secondly, 'style.css' is the CSS part that is used to format the HTML part and align it better for more friendly user interaction. The last part, 'script.js' is the JavaScript part of the project which is used to make it more interactive.

JS Sortable List

 JS Sortable Correct Order - Green Color

 JS Sortable Incorrect Order - Red Color

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