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JavaScript Tawk Mini-chat

By Kale

Small "JavaScript Tawk Mini-chat" where the user/customer can send messages to the admin/holder of a particular website.

"JavaScript Tawk Mini-chat" model use to help users where they can send their queries to the admin of the particular website.

It's like the live chat button where it pops-up and the button is stick to the bottom-right corner of the website. I have created the particular option in the code file where the developer or website holder can choose the direction of this button.

When clicking on that button mini-window slides-up on your browser window which content fields such as user's email and the message/query which he/she want to send to the admin. It also contains close when you click on it,  the slider window goes down. 

After submitting the query, the object is being created which consists of the field of email and message.

The modal is made using pure Vanilla Javascript and connects certain svgs of chat, open close to load it faster than action actual image. 

Thus this model will help to interact with website holder faster as compared to other options.

tawk buttonfeild tawkclose tawk

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