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JavaScript Typing Speed Game

By Kale

Build "JavaScript Typing Speed Game" where user can test their typing speed with this app.

"JavaScript Typing Speed Game" application is used to calculate typing speed of the user with random words given.

In the application, the random quote is given and the user has to type the same word with the given stipulated time. There is a timer that starts as soon as the application loads up and the user completes the given word the timer restarts.

The "Random Quote API" API is used '' used to generate random quotes. JavaScript "async/await" concept is used to generate the first random quote and then display the content so that the application runs smoother.

The application UI design is great with a video playing in the background and when the user types the character in type-box with correct character in quotes then the color of that quote character turns to green and if the user types different/ wrong character in type-box then the red color of quote gets generated, which gives some like indentation to the user that he/she had typed the character correct or not.javascript gamejavascript game

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