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Language Translator System Using Python

By C Sai Adarsh Varma

This is a project wherein text is taken as input and is translated to the desired language. That in-turn gives audio output.

Language Translator System Using Python

Language is the principal method of human communication, consisting of words employed in a structured and standard way and conveyed by speech, writing, or gesture. So language plays a really important role in day-to-day life. There are such a large amount of countries in this world and every country has its language and keeping that in mind. it's unacceptable to find out all languages present during this world.
To tackle this problem, rather than learning all languages we learn one universally accepted language that's English and so a translator comes into the picture. He may translate from one language into another, especially as a profession. So not everyone can hire a translator and
during this digital world which is advancing at such a quick pace, we have digital translators. These translators either take speech as input or text as input and converts it to the specified language and provide us the output. Thereby understanding other languages also. So a translator comes very handily whenever we are in any foreign country.
So this project is developed using python and Tkinter to supply an interface where within the user can type the message that has got to be translated and also the out appears on the side and a voice note is played which reads out the sentence therein language.
Run this project in VS code and execute it, you will get a GUI-based interface wherein the inputs can be given and the required output is given with text as well as voice.

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