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Leaderboard using SQL and PHP

By Akilasri B

The leaderboard is a web based application created using PHP and SQL. It will show the position and score of the candidate for any of the activity.


The notion of a leaderboard—a scoreboard that displays the ranking names and current scores (of the top competitors—is no longer limited to games. Leaderboards may promote healthy competition in a group by publicly revealing each group member's current standing.


As members progress toward a goal, the leaderboard system provides a clear snapshot of the whole team's continuing achievements. Candidates receive points for completing tasks in the application, which are subsequently tallied and shown on a Leaderboard. Depending on the requirements, several levels of complexity might be implemented.

Language Used:

  • Database - MySQL
  • Backend – PHP
  • Frontend – HTML and CSS


Candidate can able to view their points for the given activity and their position based on the points.

Admin can able to register new candidate, update their points and edit the candidate information.

Installing Instructions:


If you wish to execute this project locally, you'll need to set up a server (like XAMPP, WAMPP, or something similar). I used the XAMPP server to demonstrate this. Download the project zip file to your computer's htdocs folder and unzip it.

Database Connection:

Create a database called "leaderboard" at http://localhost/phpmyadmin, then click the Import tab, select "leaderboard.sql" from the SQL folder, and push the Go button. It creates a database with several tables. In the dbh.php file in your project's 'process' folder, change the server username and password. After that, save your file.

Launching Application:

To access all of the above mentioned capabilities, open a new tab in your browser and go to http://localhost/leaderboard/. 

Download Complete Code


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