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Learning log using Django

By Aditya Vilas Dorge

We are going to create learning log Django which will keep track of all the things we learned daily .

Learning log is more like a to-do list build specifically for learning purpose . 

Features of Learning log :

1) Register new user 

2) add / edit / delete new topics

3) add / edit / delete new entries 

4) Keep track of all the learnings

5) Time your logs .

Django setup

Start a project :

Step 1:  Create a directory learning_log and open it in terminal .Download the virtual environment .

>learning_log$ python -m venv ll_env

Step 2: Activate virtual environment

>learning_log$ source ll_env/bin/activate
For deactivating:

Step 3: Create a project in django

>learning_log$ django-admin startproject learning_log . 
>learning_log$ ls
>learning_log$ ls learning_log

Step 4: Create database 

>learning_log$ python migrate

Step 5: Viewing the project

>learning_log$ python runserver

Step 6 : Starting an app

>learning_log$ python startapp learning_logs

Write learning_logs in 'INSTALLED_APP' in

Step 7 : Make table in the database named learning logs .

>learning_log$ python makemigrations learning_logs





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