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LearningBot in Java

By Abhijit Shivaji Nawale

This is a learning chatbot in java. you can ask a question to the bot and the bot responds in a request and respond manner.

Learning ChatBot

This is a simple chatbot created in java for answering your questions.

How to create a chatbot in java

* Requirments

    1) you have to install the Java version on your Machine.

      how to install java:

    2)Then download editor for java.


        After downloading install the eclipse.


* how to make a project in java

   1) After installing the eclipse you'll see a new window open up.

   2) Then click on the File option then you'll see a new option.

   3) click on new->java project then enter your project name. 

  4)After creating a folder-> src->new class, your project is created.


*Requirments for project code

  1) import java.util.*; package this package have all required files for your project

  2) write code on file

  3) run the code and test it.


Download project

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Submitted by Abhijit Shivaji Nawale (abhjitnawale)

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