Coders Packet

Library Management System in C++ using concepts of Data Structures

By Sharan Patil

  • Project Code.cbp
  • main.cpp
  • Project Code.layout
  • This project is written completely in C++ and has some of the concepts of data structures implemented in it.

    Library Management System 


    Requirements - 

    Any C++ IDE or C compiler (Preferably Code Blocks)



    1) Download the project

    2) Open the downloaded file and open it in the C++ IDE of your choice

    3) Compile and Run

    4)To login to use the logic credentials

    Username -library1

    password -****


    How the code works-

    1)First shows the main page where the user is asked the login credentials

    2)Choose the operations from the menu

    3)Enter the requested details

    Download Complete Code


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