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Library Management System Using C++

By Sandhya yegireddi

The library management system is a C++ project which is done by using a Stack and Map. Here Stack is used to storing the book's data Map for performing some operations.

The library management system is about the library keeping number of all its books, and also maintaining its accounts of people. Some of the services offered by a library management system are all about verifying accounts and searching the books in the library and also adding a new account of people to the library. Any library account holder can search for the books using book id if he knew or by using book name.

The system has many functions. One of its manages adding books to the library after purchasing it thereby noting records of all added books. The books are classified and recorded using its book id. Book id makes it easy to search and access its books.

Every book contains its unique identification number and every account holder contains a unique registered account number. A person with his registered id can only able to perform operations in this project.

The library is a store of books required for student's needs. In this project, registered numbers are stored using an array and book information is stored using stacks and a map is used for mapping books with its ids. Technically searching any book using this project is easy compared to searching manually.

Note: The project must run using the registered id which was found in the database or else create an account first and using that registered id you can do any operations like searching etc.

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