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Line Encoder(HTML, CSS, Javascript based project)

By rakshit kumar sharma

This application we take digital signal as input and generate digital signals using various encoding scheme and generating longest palindrome substring from input.

Web application developed using JQuery,Chart.js, HTML5, CSS3,Bootstrap CSS for Digital data to Digital signal converter.


Digital Data Generation

Used JavaScript for digital data generation. Used Manacher's Algorithm for computing Longest Palandromic Substring in O(N) time complexity.

Encoding and Scrambling Schems :-

Used JavaScript for various encoding , scramling schemes such as NRZ-L,NRZ-I,NON RETURN ZERO unipolar,differential menchester,return to zero(RZ),alternate mark inversion,HDB3,(high density bipolar 3),BP8S(Bi POLAR WITH 8  ZERO SUBSTITUTION). For digital signal generation used Chart.js.


How to run the application?

since it is a simple html css javascript application it can be viewed in the local browzer just by opening index.js in web browzer.

select any of the schemes from the dropdown menue and press submit now it will ask you to enter the digital signal(a combination of 0 and 1) press generate to see the digital representation of signal after going through that scheme.

Download Complete Code


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